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Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at
Mon Mar 28 13:57:02 CST 2005


>Your post sounds like you think that *if oooonly* Zak weren't touring 
>with Oasis, we'd get a new Who album.

No not really.  I'm more pissed about missing a chance to watch Pete
Townshend play guitar live and in person.  I'm not stupid enough to hold
my breath for an album.

>Psshht.  Watch out or I'll post (courtesy of his webmaster) a 
>screenful's worth of projects and plans Zak's put on hold while waiting

>for Pete/The Who to actually record and/or tour.

Hahaha.  Please don't rat me out to Zak.  I still am very fond of him.
By the way, some of you guys take some of these posts WAY too seriously.
It was venting when I said I was pissed at Zak for "bailing" at such a
time as this.  I'm not going to stalk the guy.  But upon further review,
it looks like some venting was actually accurate.

>Unless one is on 
>retainer, which I understand Zak is not, eventually one has to take the

>work that's available *now*, not "real soon".

My issue with Zak isn't about the poor fellow having to work or starve.
My point is this:  Would you rather work for McDonald's as a corporate
executive (The Who) or as a clerk at 7-11 (Oasis)???  Okay, so Pete
doesn't want to tour without new material, a decision I'm okay with.
Zak has other things to do now that things are on hold; fine.  But many
of these articles I've read make it pretty clear - from Pete's own
words, that one MAIN reason things are on hold is because "our drummer"
has other commitments.  Doesn't sound like Zak split because he had
nothing to do - sounds like he split BEFORE things were put on hold and
is one of the primary reasons things ARE on hold.  If it's scenario "A",
I owe Zak an apology.  If it's scenario "B", then yes - I'm pissed that
Zak bailed.

>I think Zak has this lined up long before Pete decided
>he had no time. Remember, Zak played with Oasis last
>summer at Glastonbury. I'm sure they would have
>penciled this tour in with him then. 

Did y'all hear what Dereck said???  :-)

>I bet if we were flies on the wall, Zak and Pete talked. Zak probably
>Pete what was happening for the summer tour and Pete said it looks like
>no-go. In which case Zak went on to do his own thing. I don't think he
gave up 
>touring with The Who just on a whim...Sandy

I like Sandy's scenario much better than anything else I've heard!  But,
keets posted this article...

>Pete Townshend, The Who's guitarist, said that plans to release the
>this summer had been delayed because Zac Starkey, the son of the former

>Beatle Ringo Starr and one of the most sought-after drummers in rock
>would be playing with Oasis until the end of the year.

So "nyaaaahh nyaaaaahh"...  "...because Zak Starkey...would be playing
with Oasis..."  Sounds like he bailed to me.


>Do you suppose it's Roger?

I'd be very surprised if Roger had something to do with what's going on.
If Rog's history in the band says anything, it says that he'd drop just
about any and everything to work with The Who.  But one thing I've seen
that I really like (speaking of history), is Roger's getting pissy in
the press with Pete.  Just like the old days.  The creative juices seem
to flow much better between those two when they're mad at each other.


>Oh yeah, and Oasis sucks.

I missed you man...

Jim M:

>I'm not trying to be smart or anything, but are you reading the list?
>mean, Kevin posted the diary entry referenced in this article 6 days
>This is not news.  It *is* interesting to see places that pick up on
>news and what they make of it, though, so thanks for the links.

You have a weird way of "thanking" people...  And to answer your
question: Sometimes; the scroll button can get out of hand occasionally.

Jim in Colorado

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