The Who Mailing List Digest, V12 #52

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Mon Mar 28 12:50:11 CST 2005

Well, a couple things. I don't think it's wise at all to read too much
into anything that's written or what's not written. We'll see what
happens and it'll either be good, or it won't be. Most of us here are
mature enough to listen to something and recognize we're more likely
to enjoy b/c of our own past associations with the Who...that's fine.
The Who remains my gold standard and that will be so even if I'm never
surprised or shocked by anything they do. They may not be "The Who"
anyone remembers, but they're the ones who will decide what the Who

I've never commented, but I would like to; first, I wonder if several
people here are reading too much into Roger + Pete's public comment re
the Who and solo plans...we are not talking about David Gilmour and
Roger Waters here...they're going to work, more likely than not, we're
going to get press and music from Townshend/The Who both, good enough.

 Second, re Clapton/Sting/McCartney...well, Pete Townshend is right to
consider himself their peers as artists, but the Who eclipses all of
them...while Clapton was running around in the mid-late 70's making
himself the inheritor, The Who were continuing to scare the hell out
of people....if any perceived competition btwn. Townshend and Clapton
is supposed to exist, remember when Clapton was making himself famous
w/ "Cocaine" and other gems, while the Who was writing "Quadrophenia".
What would we rather hear?

And it's also not right to compare McCartney; you don't go see him in
order to hear "My Brave Face" or "Hope of Deliverance" or -Wings'
greatest hits-. You see him because everyone has, since they were 15
years old, wanted to breathe the air of a Beatle.

 My point is not to rip open McCartney or Eric Clapton, I love them
very much. My point is, to compare McCartney to McCartney and Clapton
to Clapton. There is something very special about a Who fan. It's
almost like a Stones fan. So if Jagger and Richards are not filling
stadiums by themselves, but they do when they're together, then I
think those are good peers for Townshend and Daltrey to have.

Just a few thoughts, and much respect to you all. Can't wait to read
the next digest.


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