Delayed - "Not cancelled" Animated Babes....

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Mon Mar 28 12:18:26 CST 2005

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>Subject: Animated movies
>I too enjoyed watching The Incredibles; very high quality and it kept

Well, well, well!
Jon's back!
<Entwistle Voice>...."welcome."

My 2 1/2 year old's nickname for himself is...."Mr.
Incredible!"...stated with conviction and a thumbs-up thrust high into
the air.  This all started when I purchased a pair of "Mr. Incredible"
sun glasses.  An innocent enough and needed purchase that has
Mom, on the other hand is now..."Spiderman" (don't even try and figure
that one out....).
And, after long (feeling left out) debate....I am either "Capt. America
!" (more thumbs-up thrust into the air), or "Capt. Green Day" depending
on when the last time was that we jammed out to American Idiot.

>And the Mom was so hot!
You sick little animated luster, you!
You should check out Kimpossible!  Me-yow!

Seriously, what's this movie rated?  Ethan's never heard of The
Incredible (other than on his sunglasses) until he saw a commercial for
the movie the other day....which about blew his mind (" did Mr.
Incredible get onto the TV, Daddy?").

>Oh yeah, and Oasis sucks.
Perhaps.  But, they're better with Zak!  (assumption alert.)

>From: "Jim M" <NakedI at>
>Subject: Re: Delayed - "Not cancelled"
>It *is* interesting to see places that pick up on Who
>news and what they make of it, though, so thanks for the links.

What's interesting are the flat bold statements of "No Who album for
this <fill in the blank> one reason, and then they quote only Pete's web
Or, replies of "if this is true, then....."

The only thing that is true is Pete's web site.
While I too suspect Record Company cold feet, without even an anonymous
quote, I wouldn't be putting that in a published article.
Here, well, we say what we want!  ;-)

Kevin in VT

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