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>Subject: Re: Pete's Diary
>Rather than deluding himself that he'd be famous without The Who, I
think Pete deludes himself that he doesn't care about >being famous.

Yes.  And, I'm not deluded by Pete's deluding.  (?)

>I think he'd
>*say* that he would be happy making his own music,

Oh, I think Pete is happy making his own music.
But, I think ego spurs him on (key words..."I think").
He knows The Who is his bread and butter.
Ya have to ask yourself why he again began to focus on The Who after the
commercial failure of Psycho-D.

>I'm certainly bummed, too.  But, The Boy Who Heard Music all of a
sudden sounds much more interesting to me.  I had kind 
>of written that off.

Yes.  But, I do wish that is wasn't a solo project.  In my mind Pete
Solo = Mellow, while The Who = raucous doses of that divine Who-juice.

>It also sounds like most of the songs for WHO2 are at least on paper.
A week ago, I wasn't even sure of that.

See, there is hope there.
I don't think we should read into Pete's diary that the Who2 album has
been aborted.  
He seems "excited" about it...about the songs.
It's just not his priority at this moment (visualize Roger's head

>> Roger knows this, you and I know this, but Pete still is fighting to 
>> keep up with Clapton and Sting, etc.
>I've heard several people say things like this, but it's never sounded
like Pete to me.  Is this theory supported by his 


>But a lot of people claim Pete wants his solo stuff to be as 
>successful as Sting's or Clapton's.  Just wondering where that
>comes from.

<ahem..>  Ummm, well let me be clear that this is just my very own
perception.  No hard proof or actual statements.
I guess the perception was created over a number of years viewing
various interviews, etc....
...watching Pete's expressions when he talks about Hendrix, and how at
the induction of The Stones into RnR HOF....reluctantly admits The
Stones were better (NOT!).
How disappointed Pete looked when he told the crowd at A Day In The
Garden that Psycho-D failed commercially.
How Pete has always referenced his peers as Mick, David Bowie, Clapton,
Macca, etc., and how individually more famous each of these guys are
than Pete.
Plus, I think it's also just human nature to be competitive, and to want
And, we *know* Pete is competitive.  Hell, he owns racing yachts.  No
group is more competitive than racing yacht owners and racers.

I dunno.
It's been my impression for a very long time.
So, standard disclaimer....I could be and could have been wrong for "a
very long time."  ;-)

Kevin in VT

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