Record Label Quits?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Mar 27 12:48:13 CST 2005

Well now, this is interesting.  Many thanks to Joe for posting it.  If this 
is true, then we might assume the record label set a deadline and they 
weren't able to meet it because Zak was already committed to the Oasis tour?


>Who drummer heads to his Oasis

Zak Starkey, drummer with The Who and son of Ringo Starr, has delayed plans 
for a new Who album by deciding to play with Oasis until next year.

Remaining Who members, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, were all set to 
tour whilst promoting their upcoming new album.

But Townshend's hopes have been dashed as not only has the tour been 
scrapped but the album release date has been delayed as Townshend was 
working too slowly and the record label got cold feet.

However, he insists that the long-awaited album will still be released just 
not for the original date.

Townshend said “The new Who album has been delayed, not cancelled. The 
release date I had hoped for in the late spring or very early summer was 
whipped from under my nose after three years of writing. Shows we hoped to 
do in the early summer seemed to fizzle, and we lost our drummer to Oasis 
until January 2006. All alternatives proposed, and which I have desperately 
considered, do not fit in with my current commitments."

Townshend also has a number of solo projects underway.

He added, "I am committed to record the music for my new story “The Boy Who 
Heard Music”. I am also completing my autobiography later this year. Sadly, 
this forces a postponement of the planned Who activity this year for some 
indeterminate time. “

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