Who Scrap Tour and Album

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Sat Mar 26 11:37:16 CST 2005

> Psshht.  Watch out or I'll post (courtesy of his webmaster) a screenful's 
> worth of projects and plans Zak's put on hold while waiting for Pete/The 
> Who to actually record and/or tour.  Unless one is on retainer, which I 
> understand Zak is not, eventually one has to take the work that's 
> available *now*, not "real soon".

Working musicians only make money by working unless as Alan says they are on 
retainer.  What would you do if your boss said we don't need you for a 
couple of years (The band haven't done shows since last Aug) and we're not 
going to pay you during that time?

> Your post sounds like you think that *if oooonly* Zak weren't touring with 
> Oasis, we'd get a new Who album.  History argues against that.  Whatever's 
> blocked the new album despite all the talk about it since at least 1999, 
> it's not Zak.

I said it in the mid 80s, 90s, 00s, and now, there will never be a new Who 
studio CD (I said album in the 80s).  I will admit to being a little nervous 
when they recorded the two new songs last year, but old habits are hard to 
break. :)  Any new studio recordings lie at the doorstep of PT always has 
always will.  I'd much rather get that Anthology DVD set of the real Who 
than a new CD of Who's left.


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