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"MOJO, IN conjunction with Vue Cinemas,  will host the inaugural MOJO Film
Festival next  month and MOJO readers have had a decisive say in 
deciding exactly
  what films we’ll be showing. Last issue we asked you to vote for the
greatest music film of all-time in a bid to help us complete the  
line-up to the
festival that will give you the chance to see some  classic rock 
movies back on
the big screen.

You voted in  your hundreds and, having counted your votes, one film emerged
as  the clear favourite: This Is Spinal Tap. A list of  the Top 20 Music Films
Of All-Time as voted for by you appears  elsewhere on this page and while the
ultimate “rockumentary”will be  shown at the MOJO Film Festival 
so too will
a number of other films  which you’ve designated as your favourites. These
include The Last  Waltz, Quadrophenia and The Wall, all of which have 
been added
as a  result of your votes.

The MOJO Film Festival happens on  May 28 and 29 – Bank Holiday 
weekend – at
the  Vue Cinema in London’s Leicester  Square and tickets are priced at a
decidedly non-West End  price of £6.00 if purchased directly from the cinema.
Bookings  can also be made by phone and on-line. Call 087012 240 240 or log
on  to _www.myvue.com_
– a 50p  booking fee per ticket applies to these two services.

The full line up for the MOJO Film Festival  runs as follows:
SATURDAY 28  MAY [One screen in  operation]
3.00pm TOMMY  _Buy tickets_
Always  one to tackle the bigger issues, Pete Townshend’s 1969 rock opera
traces  the death of innocence from World War II onwards and is aided by Ken
Russell’s kaleidoscopic view of the original album. An all-star 
cast  including
Oliver Reed and Ann Margaret join The Who and friends (Elton  John , Eric
Clapton, Tina Turner, Arthur Brown et al).
5.30pm THE WALL  _Buy tickets_
Alan  Parker’s claustrophobic 1982 translation of Roger Waters’ torment is
augmented by Gerald Scarfe’s animation and Peter Biziou’s 
cinematography  and
features Bob Geldof in his first starring role.

7.30pm THIS IS SPINAL TAP  _Buy tickets_
“The  world’s loudest band”are captured in Rob Reiner’s 1984 
debut.  From the none-more-black sequence to the exploding drummer gags MOJO
readers are quite possibly aware with every line of the script – 
none of  which
dulls the impact of what is the funniest rock movie of  all-time.
9.15pm 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE  _Buy tickets_
With  Steve Coogan as Anthony H Wilson, Michael Winterbottom’s film
celebrates  the life and times Madchester ’76-’92 to glorious 
effect, using a faux
documentary style to catalogue the rise and fall of Factory Records. 
The  use of
archival footage adds a further dimension to a music movie that  matches
humour and pathos in equal measure.
SUNDAY MAY 29 [Two screens in  operation]
2.00pm HEAD  _Buy  tickets_
Originally conceived during a lost  weekend where the band and Jack Nicholson
tossed ideas around, The Monkees  1968 pyschedelic spoof is a cult classic
that showcases not only the  band’s humour but their oft over-looked musical
output to glorious, trippy  effect. Nicholson – who makes a cameo appearance
along with Dennis Hopper  - eventually went on to help edit the soundtrack to
include snippets of  the dialogue.
2.45pm NASHVILLE  _Buy tickets_
Robert  Altman’s 1975 multi-layered masterpiece stars Keith Carradine, Lily
Tomlin, David Arkin and Jeff Goldblum and uses the trials and tribulations
within the country music industry to make a wider comment on American 
In a moment of inspiration, the actors were asked to write and  perform their
own songs to add to the film’s authenticity.
4.00pm BORN TO BOOGIE  _Buy  tickets_
Fittingly Ringo Starr directed this  1972 classic that captures T Rex at the
height of their powers and  emphasises Marc Bolan’s status as the 
greatest UK
teen idol since The  Beatles. This brand new version of this long lost film
features a new  enhanced 5.1 mix by Tony Visconti.
5.30pm RUDE BOY  _Buy tickets_
Filmed  on the road with The Clash in ’78, this semi-fictitious 
road  tale may be flawed but as a document of its time it is unparalleled. Set
  against a backdrop of social change and uncertainty, it presents a very
real view of why punk had to happen.
6.00pm QUADROPHENIA  _Buy tickets_
The  Who’s classic 1979 mod-vs-rockers movie is a fast-moving celebration of
a  time when British youth culture refused to be ignored. Phil Daniels in the
role of Jimmy delivers a performance that remains one of the most enduring
in the history of British movie making.
8.30pm THE LAST WALTZ  _Buy tickets_
Martin  Scorsese’s 1978 film captures The Band at what is effectively their
last  show as a five-piece. Featuring a roll call of guests that reads like a
Who’s Who of rock (Dylan, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell etc), it’s presented
here with Band guitarist Robbie Robertson’s 5.1  mix.

As voted for by YOU, the big screen-ogling MOJO  readers!
1 This Is Spinal Tap
2 The Last Waltz
3 A Hard  Day’s Night
4 Gimme Shelter
5 The Wall
6 Ray
7 The Filth And The  Fury
8 Quadrophenia
9 The Clash: Westway To The World
10  Help!
11 Rock’n’Roll High School
12 Jazz On A Summer’s Day
13 The  Rutles: All You Need Is Cash
14 The Harder They Come
15 Don’t Look  Back
16 Heartworn Highways
17 Performance
18 Almost Famous
19 24  Hour Party People
20 The Decline And Fall Of Western Civilisation – Part  2"
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