Pete's Diary

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Mar 24 21:58:13 CST 2005

>>What Pete is not deft at is coming to grips with the fact that The Who
>is his claim to fame....*NOT* his solo achievements.

>Rather than deluding himself that he'd be famous without The Who, I think
Pete deludes himself that he doesn't care about being famous.  I think he'd
*say* that he would be happy making his own music, even if it's much less
popular than what he's done with the band.

I think Pete IS happy doing his own music.  These little projects are lovely 
and biting, and I generally like them, too.  I agree that they're not going 
to have the mass appeal The Who does, but one major problem with them is 
that Pete doesn't promote them well.  He's used to having the high profile 
The Who gives him, and has never really learned how to present himself as a 
solo artist.

>And some of his solo projects bear that out, most of which were hardly 
>designed for maximum popular appeal.

They just make Pete happy.  Without input from the rest of The Who, you're 
left with the intellect and Pete's sweet voice.  If you like that, you buy 


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