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Thu Mar 24 16:55:24 CST 2005

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> Yeah, it's not a sell out.

I'd like to hear from people who have been adamant that continuing to tour
without Keith and John and without new material was diminishing the band's
crediblity and see what they think of this latest development.  Has anyone
here felt that way?  Are you pleased that Pete apparently agrees with that
position, to a point?  Does it give you more hope that there will actually
be a new album?  Until now, I thought Pete was happy to keep touring as is.

> I think Pete is very deft at sensing the tide of opinion out there.

Pete commented at Mansfield last year about the stagnant set.  He told us
they were going to try to mix it up a bit and then played a set with about 4
different songs in it.

> What Pete is not deft at is coming to grips with the fact that The Who
> is his claim to fame....*NOT* his solo achievements.

Rather than deluding himself that he'd be famous without The Who, I think
Pete deludes himself that he doesn't care about being famous.  I think he'd
*say* that he would be happy making his own music, even if it's much less
popular than what he's done with the band.  And some of his solo projects
bear that out, most of which were hardly designed for maximum popular
appeal.  Of coure, if it were completely true, why didn't The Who dissolve
30 years ago?

> Roger knows this, you and I know this, but Pete still is fighting to
> keep up with Clapton and Sting, etc.

I've heard several people say things like this, but it's never sounded like
Pete to me.  Is this theory supported by his statements?

> > > "I'll tell you what Pete's problem is. He doesn't understand other
> > > people and he fails to appreciate them......"
> Call me crazy, but it paints an overall picture in my head.

That was certainly the quote that sounded the most like Roger was seriously
pissed off. If someone you knew said that about you, how would you feel?

> Kevin (bumming and in a bit of disbelief) in VT

I'm certainly bummed, too.  But, The Boy Who Heard Music all of a sudden
sounds much more interesting to me.  I had kind of written that off.  It
also sounds like most of the songs for WHO2 are at least on paper.  A week
ago, I wasn't even sure of that.

Jim M

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