Who Scrap Tour and Album

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at lmco.com
Thu Mar 24 15:50:47 CST 2005

Wow.  What's next, my dog gonna run away?



British rock legends THE WHO </new/artist.nsf/artistnames/the%20who>
have ditched plans to tour this year (05) after drummer ZAK STARKEY
pulled out to work with OASIS </new/artist.nsf/artistnames/oasis> .
Starkey, son of former BEATLES </new/artist.nsf/artistnames/beatles>
drummer RINGO STARR </new/artist.nsf/artistnames/ringo%20starr> , has
pledged to work with the WONDERWALL stars until January 2006 - meaning
ROGER DALTREY and PETE TOWNSHEND are unable to perform as The Who.
Starkey - the latest replacement drummer for tragic rock icon KEITH MOON
- has been helping Oasis out since the British stars sacked ALAN WHITE
last year (04).
Townshend, 59, says, "Shows we hoped to do in the summer seemed to
fizzle and we lost our drummer to Oasis until January 2006.
"All the alternatives proposed, and which I have desperately considered,
do not fit in with my current commitments. Sadly this forces a
postponement of the planned Who activity for some indeterminate time."
The Who have also issued a second blow for fans - they're delaying the
release of their eagerly awaited album, which was to be their first in
20 years.
Townshend says, "I had lots of plans but no hard schedule and
unfortunately this is what has created this predicament.
"I work very slowly in the studio and either no one believed I was
actually recording, or they got tired of waiting. Roger has done sketch
vocals on several tracks and the results are very exciting, but I can't
tour any more without a new record. I must hold my breath and live in
Jim in Colorado
PS - Oasis' "sacked" drummer Alan White?  Is this the same Alan White
from YES?  And is anyone else pissed at Zak for bailing on The Who at
such a moment as this???

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