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Thu Mar 24 11:26:47 CST 2005

>Frate, Chris 
> Pete's Diary
>Maybe sell out was the wrong phrase to use. What I really meant was
that oldies tours probably made him feel somewhat 

Yeah, it's not a sell out.
I think Pete is very deft at sensing the tide of opinion out there.
He could feel that enough of the same set list...was....enough.
Hell, did everyone catch how that very point was made in that article
about how Clear channel was changing how tix would be sold?  Something
like..."maybe now The Who will be forced to change their set list."

Like many of you, I've been thinking hard about Pete's diary, and trying
to read between the lines....incorporate all we know to paint a clear
picture of what is going on.
What Pete is not deft at is coming to grips with the fact that The Who
is his claim to fame....*NOT* his solo achievements.
Roger knows this, you and I know this, but Pete still is fighting to
keep up with Clapton and Sting, etc.

Keep this quote from Roger's recent Uncut interview in mind:

> What he's never understood is that he'd never have made it without the
> Who...........

That = Roger pissed at Pete for again focusing on his solo projects, and
not The Who...the entity that ultimately *would* help his solo career.
Pete has his priorities in the wrong order!

About Zak and Rabbit?  Check out this quote from Roger's uncut
> > "I'll tell you what Pete's problem is. He doesn't understand other
> and he fails to appreciate them......"

Call me crazy, but it paints an overall picture in my head.
Do I need to spell this one out?
I think....not.

And then, to sum up....Roger...the ever grounded one hits the nail:
> "He's talking bollocks again.............."

Kevin (bumming and in a bit of disbelief) in VT

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