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In the documentary about the Clash, "Westway to the World" I think it's called, Joe Strummer at one point can be seen almost teary-eyed, lamenting the break-up of the band, because he has come to the realization that the magic The Clash together will always be greater than anyone of them alone.

I think that Roger is keenly aware of this regarding The Who. Pete on the other hand is burdened by it. To Roger, though he does many different things and is very busy, singing with The Who is what he was "born to do," his one true vocation.  I don't think Pete has come to that realization or maybe rejects it. Furthermore, if the new album stinks, critics and fans may say "Roger's voice isn't what it used to be", "It sure sounds different without John", or "They've never been the same since Keith died", which is all true. However, the ultimate success or failure of the project rests on the writer: Pete. How can anyone create anything under such duress? When he does solo stuff I'm not sure he cares if anyone likes it or not, as long as he feels good about doing it. The expectations are completely different for The Who.

While it seems that he has enjoyed touring these last few years, perhaps for the first time in his life, he must feel that he  is something of a sell out if he just goes around doing oldies tours.

-Chris in Cleveland

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>but why is it that pete can continue gracefully as a solo artist while 
is all pissed that pete isn't all that focused on the new who album? that 
more or less my point there.

Because Roger's a workaholic and he thinks the new Who album ought to be 
done by now?  Also, remember that Roger is Pete's biggest fan.  I've been 
seeing his sentiments echoed on several lists.

Roger has continued gracefully as a solo artist, as far as I can see.  He's 
been issuing/reissuing albums right and left and now he's signed up for a 
movie and possible series without any delay.  The pissy interview is the 
only indication so far that he's unhappy with Pete about this.


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