Pete's Diary

Tue Mar 22 19:04:19 CST 2005

it's practically what I said all along. pete seems to feel better doing 
whatever he wants to do as a solo artist. in this case, "the boy who heard music" 
and his autobiography. roger can't seem to do much of anything without "the 
who" on it and that's why he's all hot and bothered and impatient. he's probably 
doing that TV pilot cause someone made a deal with him that he'll make a 
certain amount of money off it and since the who album isn't taking off like he 
wants, he probably has no other choice at the moment. (i'm sure you all know a 
"pilot" is a test to show the bigwigs at the network a show idea and if they 
like it, they'll turn it into a series and if they don't, it's just another small 
piece of TV history to collect dust on the shelf. anyone seen "pulp 

anything roger does by himself (tours, movies, albums etc.) dosen't sell. 
however if it's with the who, it's more likely it'll be a success. tis a shame 
but it's the truth. how did his solo compilation do in the UK? did it make the 
charts at all? I guess my prank about him hitting the road in the UK in 
february could've been a good idea for him. maybe. roger seems to be the only one 
who's angry about this. why? because, well, simon is touring with his own band, 
zak is about to hit the road with oasis playing in huge football stadiums in 
the UK and a few big markets here in america and they're even going to Japan and 
germany to play some festival shows. not sure about "rabbit", anyone know if 
he's doing anything worthwhile besides burning CDs and selling them on his 
website? roger? doing a TV pilot about a mermaid. i'd probably be pretty pissed 

pete is what you might call a "true artist". he feels happy just doing what 
he wants to do on his own and I feel he's pressured into doing this new who 
album. like someone said on here, the who album is a "third priority" for him. I 
myself am more interested to read his autobiography. as we all know, he always 
talks in great detail about things, so i'm sure it'll be a "must read" for 
any of us on this list and elsewhere. 
by the way. right. the who today? not the who at all. : ) 

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