ICE news on Who DVD

Bruce bkawak at
Tue Mar 22 18:36:29 CST 2005

>> If it's a Beatles type "story of The Who" there should be plenty 
>> (especially
>> of John) old video they can use.  They could also use voiceovers like The
>> Beatles did for Lennon.
> I'm afraid I don't follow you.  Why would there be plenty of old footage 
> of
> John available?

Interview footage, instead of an actor to portray him.

>And what Beatles "voiceovers" are you referring to?

For the Beatles Anthology they used old radio interviews of Lennon in place 
video interviews as they did for the other three.   They show stills of him 
with these interviews as voiceovers.  You could do this for Moon.

>> I'd rather see them do what Led Zep did, basically great concert/TV 
>> footage
>> and nothing else.
> Yep.  That's what I'd want.
>> just show them doing what they did best.
> Exactly.  But, is there really enough unreleased footage out there for 
> *three*
> DVDs?  *Three?*  Or, will we get "Pinball Wizard" & "See Me, Feel Me"
> from Woodstock yet again?  (A' la the Who's Better Who's Best video.)

There has been a substantial amount of film collected since the 30 Yrs. 
video was released including much not bootleged.  That is why this whole 
project can be done at all.  Once they realized their tape archives were 
woefully lacking they set about tracking stuff down.  While there is a lot 
still missing it's much better than it was 10-15 years ago.

>> The other thing I don't like is the 1969 cut off.  I'm sure there is 
>> pre-Tommy
>> video worthy of release.
> Yeah, wouldn't that be the most exciting stuff?  Maybe they're saving that
> for the release *after* this upcoming one!  The "Early Years" DVD set!
> Look for that in 2009!

I doubt there is enough to warrant such a release.  Which is why it needs to 
be included on this set.


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