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Tue Mar 22 13:18:24 CST 2005

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> He then talks about how his current commitments prevented any
> alternative plans.  Current commitments don't prevent bringing in
> another drummer (not that I want that).  So, I don't see Zak as the
> reason.
> Pete is clearly taking responsibility for this delay.
> He has his priorities, and isn't budging on them.

I had forgotten how specific Pete was about his plans in his diary entry
previous to this one, especially about "The Boy Who Heard Music."

"THE BOY WHO HEARD MUSIC is a short story I finished some time ago. It will
not be the title of the next Who album. It is not autobiographical. It is a
continuation of the LIFEHOUSE chronicles, and features the LIFEHOUSE METHOD
(music generated from data gathered from various individuals). I hope to
develop this as an animation feature with music in the second half of 2005.
I would also like to see a concert version. With everything
LIFEHOUSE-related I know I must dream on."

If this is the commitment that will keep The Who on hold for the rest of the
year, then why does Pete talk about Zak being unavailable until January?
He's talking about a film and *concert* version.  Is that a solo tour?  How
could he have fit all that into 2005, even if the Who album *was* finished
in the Spring?  That would have been one brief tour anyway.

Jim M

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