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Tue Mar 22 11:32:50 CST 2005

>Jim M Naked
>Pete's Diary
>> Dont' forget Roger has abandoned ship, too.  He's scheduled to shoot
>> movie directly after the TCT shows, and then he's going to do the
>> pilot.  It that takes off, he's committed to a series that will tie
him up 
>> for six months at a time.

Abandoned ship?

>Oh, yeah.  That mermaid thing's gonna be huge!  I don't believe for a
>that Roger committed to anything unless he *knew* it wouldn't conflict
>Who activity.

Exactly, Nimble-Jimble.  Even if Roger is shooting for this new show,
once non-"sketch" vocals (was an interesting way of putting it, wasn't
it?) are needed, Roger will be able to fly in, what ever, and do his

>Pete's pretty clear about who *he* blames for this.  Zak.  The
>"it's my fault, I guess" is a guilt trip worthy of any of our mothers.

I'm not reading it that way.
Pete makes it clear that the reason was that "no one believed he was
actually recording."
Surely Roger and Zak and the others had evidence that recording was
going on.  I mean, Roger was already putting vocals down.  "Tired of
waiting?"  Yeah, maybe Zak got tired of waiting, but that just seems
like a side-reason.  Not the main influence.  Why am I getting the
feeling that the record company they are signed with (forget the name)
was pushing for this Spring, and when that wasn't going to happen,
bagged it for a year+, or simply got pissed at Pete?

Also, Pete talks about Zak going with Oasis completely separately from
the release date being "whipped from under his <BIG! ;-) > nose", and
also completely separate from shows this summer fizzling out (If Pete
won't tour without new material, than Pete nixed shows this summer.
Hell, they should have toured Sell Out or something).

He then talks about how his current commitments prevented any
alternative plans.  Current commitments don't prevent bringing in
another drummer (not that I want that).  So, I don't see Zak as the
Pete is clearly taking responsibility for this delay.
He has his priorities, and isn't budging on them.

My read...
Pete has been recording for the new album.
Pete has also been spreading himself thin with continued work on his
solo project "The Boy Who Heard Music", and his Autobiography.
I'd be psyched for "The Boy Who Heard Music" !  And, it seems Pete is
just as obsessed with Lifehouse as he's always been.
Hey, I wouldn't at all mind a Lifehouse/Boy Who Heard Music production
like we saw with Quad!  This actually excites me more than any new
*NON-CONCEPT* album.

Roger's anger (and more than likely the record company's) is at Pete's
lack of focus, and this probably generated flashbacks of the same anger
that was felt when Pete saddled The Who with the leftovers from Empty
Glass and other solo work in the hopper that were his priority at that
I hope we're not looking at leftovers again.
But, Pete makes it pretty clear what his priorities currently are, and
the new album is third.
Plus, he then states that he won't tour until his 3rd priority is
De-lay (no Republican shot there, but....).

Or, I could be completely wrong.....

Kevin in VT

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