Pete's Diary

Jim M NakedI at
Tue Mar 22 07:53:36 CST 2005

---- Original Message ----- From: "L. Bird"

> Dont' forget Roger has abandoned ship, too.  He's scheduled to shoot a 
> movie directly after the TCT shows, and then he's going to do the mermaid 
> pilot.  It that takes off, he's committed to a series that will tie him up 
> for six months at a time.

Oh, yeah.  That mermaid thing's gonna be huge!  I don't believe for a second 
that Roger commited to anything unless he *knew* it wouldn't conflict with 
Who activity.

Pete's pretty clear about who *he* blames for this.  Zak.  The half-hearted 
"it's my fault, I guess" is a guilt trip worthy of any of our mothers.

Jim M 

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