Pete's Diary

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Mar 21 21:08:57 CST 2005

>>because I work very slowly in the studio, and either no one believed
>I was actually recording, or they got tired of waiting.

>Who is this directed at?  Zak?  Did anyone think to keep him informed?
Isn't that how they lost Kenney?  Yeah, maybe Zak *did* get tired of
waiting.  Let's see.....tour with Oasis & make loads of money, or wait
for Pete to finish the new Who album that's been talked about for the
past 16 years.

Dont' forget Roger has abandoned ship, too.  He's scheduled to shoot a movie 
directly after the TCT shows, and then he's going to do the mermaid pilot.  
It that takes off, he's committed to a series that will tie him up for six 
months at a time.


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