ICE news on Who DVD

Mon Mar 21 20:05:10 CST 2005

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schrade at writes:

> Actors?  A 3-DVD anthology I can see.  Similar to the
> Led Zeppelin deal.  But actors?  In like a.....docu-drama?
> Is this what the Keith Moon film has devolved into?

1. it seems someone somehow read my idea for a who DVD collection on here. ; 
2. I hope this is not where the keith moon biopic has turned itself into. 
after all, "ray" was a big hit and I heard biopics on Johnny cash, Janis Joplin 
and kurt cobain are in the works for official releases. if they're looking for 
someone to play roger, that guy who's in that new show about a blind detective 
could be a good choice. my mother says he looks alot like roger and he does 
have some similarities. keith moon? how bout Little steven or griffin dunne?! 

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