ICE news on Who DVD

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Mar 21 19:38:08 CST 2005

> Actors?  A 3-DVD anthology I can see.  Similar to the
> Led Zeppelin deal.  But actors?  In like a.....docu-drama?
> Is this what the Keith Moon film has devolved into?

Yea, I think this was most people's reaction. :)  It depends on what kind of 
anthology they are making.  If it's a Beatles type "story of The Who" there 
should be plenty (especially of John) old video they can use.  They could 
also use voiceovers like The Beatles did for Lennon.  This would be an 
elongated 30 Yrs. Max R&B video to me.

I'd rather see them do what Led Zep did, basically great concert/TV footage 
and nothing else.  I don't need an hour's worth of video of 60 year old Pete 
slagging the band.  I much rather watch the band.  The Who doesn't need 
explanation, just show them doing what they did best.

The other thing I don't like is the 1969 cut off.  I'm sure there is 
pre-Tommy video worthy of release.  This is a great opportunity to use the 
Lambert/Stamp film from '64.  I know they have discovered some (Moon era) 
film that was not available at the time the 30 Yrs. video was made.


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