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Mon Mar 21 16:37:21 CST 2005

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> The new Who album has been delayed, not cancelled. The release date I
> had hoped for in the late spring or very early summer was whipped from
> under my nose after three years of writing. Shows we hoped to do in the
> early summer seemed to fizzle, and we lost our drummer to Oasis until
> January 2006.

"Was whipped" "seemed to fizzle"  How passive.  Doesn't Pete have any
control over *any* of this?  Are we to believe that the songs are ready and
the only thing keeping The Who from releasing a new album, and touring with
it, is that their drummer is going to be touring with Oasis this Summer?!?!
Fuck that!

> All alternatives proposed, and which I have desperately
> considered, do not fit in with my current commitments.

Like what?  Using a different drummer?  I guess it's too late now, but
telling Zak to leave 2005 open might have been a  good idea, don't you
think?  I wonder if 2006 will be a wash because Pino's playing with P Diddy.

> I am committed to record the music for my new story The Boy Who Heard

There's music connected to this?  A solo album?  Oh, who am I kidding?

> I am also completing my autobiography later this year. Sadly, this forces
> postponement of the planned Who activity this year for some
> indeterminate time.

OK, well that's something.  But, you know what?  I couldn't care less about
Pete's autobiography.  Like it's not going to be a work of fiction that
pisses Roger off to the point where they don't talk for ten years?  No, if I
want to know about Pete's life, I'll listen to his music.  It's all there on
the vinyl.

> I had lots of plans, but no hard schedule. And that is what has created
> this predicament. It's probably my fault, because I work very slowly in
> the studio, and either no one believed I was actually recording, or they
> got tired of waiting.

That's not a problem when you're working with a band who put the *band*
first, you know?  But, you're working with a bunch of hired guns now, Pete,
so if you want them to be available, you're going to have to *hire* them, ya

> I should say that Roger has done what he calls
> sketch vocals on several tracks I produced, and the results are very
> exciting. But I feel I can't tour any more with the Who without a new
> record. So until that record is actually in my hands, I must hold my
> breath and live in hope.

Guess I'm glad I went to that Mansfield show last year, then!  In a way, I'm
glad Pete feels this way.  He doesn't want to tour the same tired old show
again.  He knows there's no point in that.  He knows he can still make music
that's worth bringing to his fans.  But, for fucks sake, you're 60 years old
now, Pete.  You can't be letting whole years go by because you're too aloof
to talk to your band about what you're doing.

Jim M

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