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Extra - Extra - Read all about it....
New Pete Diary...
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Kevin in VT

21 March 2005 

Spring has not Sprung 

 The new Who album has been delayed, not cancelled. The release date I
had hoped for in the late spring or very early summer was whipped from
under my nose after three years of writing. Shows we hoped to do in the
early summer seemed to fizzle, and we lost our drummer to Oasis until
January 2006. All alternatives proposed, and which I have desperately
considered, do not fit in with my current commitments. I am committed to
record the music for my new story The Boy Who Heard Music. I am also
completing my autobiography later this year. Sadly, this forces a
postponement of the planned Who activity this year for some
indeterminate time. 
I had lots of plans, but no hard schedule. And that is what has created
this predicament. It's probably my fault, because I work very slowly in
the studio, and either no one believed I was actually recording, or they
got tired of waiting. I should say that Roger has done what he calls
sketch vocals on several tracks I produced, and the results are very
exciting. But I feel I can't tour any more with the Who without a new
record. So until that record is actually in my hands, I must hold my
breath and live in hope.

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