New track on UK Cigarettes and Housework

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Sun Mar 20 08:26:53 CST 2005

Not a Townshend track but rather a Jerry Hall penned
and sung track. Looks like someone's been taking
lessons on how to drum up press interest in an album!
>From Gigwise at:

Jerry Attacks Jagger In Stinging Song  
by Zoe Street  

Jagger's two-timing ways are about to come and bite
him in the ayaaassss, as glamorous former love Jerry
Hall is using her recording debut to lash out at the
pouting rocker.

Hall's song laments a partner who goes off and puts it
about, and as we all know, Jagger did exactly that
during their 20 year relationship, famously fathering
a sprog to model Luciana Morad.

The blonde bombshell that is Hall performed the song
at Ronnie Scott's club in London, this will be
broadcast on Eddie Izzard's Radio 2 show 'Late Night
Cabaret' on this Saturday.

The biting attack appears on Rachel Fuller's (Pete
Townshend's squeeze) album 'Cigarettes and Housework'
released imminently in the UK, and boasts Jerry doing
a sort of talky-singing thing, (like Rex Harrison in
My Fair Lady) because Fuller claims that the Texan
beauty 'can't really sing'. Come on Rachel, don't be
polite, just tell it like it is!

'Around This Table' should touch a bit of a nerve with
Jagger, listen to this:

'We make love on it

Our children scratch their names beneath it

Then you bring other women, while I'm out of town

And I can always sense when a stranger has sat down'

One-nil to Jerry.

-Brian in Atlanta
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