Help with Music Publishing Questions

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Mar 18 11:00:32 CST 2005

Hey, folks.  I'm under the impression there are some musicians on this list 
and I need some help with advice.  Would you guys help me out?

I've got a friend who's a very talented songwriter/composer/musician, but of 
course he's got no money and he's working as a pizza delivery guy.  I've 
been telling him he needs to either self-publish or else find a publisher so 
he can get some money coming in from his music. He's got a promo CD and DVD 
of soundtracks made up, and I've looked around at the BMI and ASCAP 
websites.  Is it better for young musicians breaking in to try 
self-publishing these days, or go with a publisher?  If you go with a 
publisher, how do you find a good, reputable one that won't rip you off?  
Are rip offs common?  What kind of deal should he make?  Any recommendations 
as to what publishers he should approach?

My friend's music ranges from a new age sound to fairly heavy rock/metal and 
he's got a pretty distinctive sound.  He's got some songs he's done with 
bands, but lately he's been recording his own stuff with multitracks.  
Thanks for any and all help.

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