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Completely OT other than the genre:

Many years ago I saw The Who at The Summit in Houston TX on November
20, 1975. A few years after that I ended up with the 2 original 3/4'
soundboard master tapes (quite a story in itself). Since I knew I
didn't own the intellectual property of The Who but only the physical
tapes themselves I never made copies for anyone and the show remained
with me alone for many years. Perhaps the best full show by "The
Who" in existence. The show itself is spectacular. Twenty Five
songs done at the peak of prowess with just the four members of The
Who on stage with room to rock. Exactly as we oldies like our rock
and roll without all the explosions and lasers and no colored girls
going do doo do doo do doo doo and the like. Just The Who at the top
of their game. Many of the songs are better than the album including
the best performed best filmed "Behind Blue Eyes" in existence better
than on "Who's Next". The camera work is the best I've ever seen on a
rock show. All the cuts, fades, zooms, overdups, etc are near
perfection (except during Summertime Blues can you guess what they
miss twice but not three times?). The soundboard audio is near
perfect and you can hear a pin drop and the audience is suppressed.
After unsuccessful negotiations with Trinifold Management (the
managers of The Who) they agreed I could sell the physical tapes to
their agent or whoever I wanted as long as I didn't make copies. The
agent put together a pooled set of investor money and bought the
masters for the purpose of someday releasing the film legitimately
and after getting financing, authorizations and royalties straight,
etc, something I could not do with time, money and connections.
Anyway, last month the tape appeared on the net as a high quality
bootleg. I contacted my connections to find out what had happened
and it was suggested that one of the investors had come across hard
times and double-crossed his partners and sold the tapes to a
sophisticated bootleg operation who have created a DVD package that
does pretty much justice to the original masters (not quite but
close). I'm not sure if this is true and I have noticed no bitching
from Trinifold (are they still around?) but maybe it's too early.
Still, it seems to be a bootleg all right so if you see this
advertised on the net or on ebay where they routinely shut down
auctions, consider carefully before supporting a bootleg operation.
Still, I am very proud of having saved this show for posterity and
the reviews I've read from people claiming that it's the best rock
show ever put to film and the like makes me very feel good and I just
thought I'd share my satisfaction with contributing to having saved
the best show from one of the best rock bands of the age.



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