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Girlfriend of Who star found dead from 'overdose'
By Richard Savill
(Filed: 17/03/2005)

The girlfriend of John Entwistle, the late Who bass
guitarist, who shared his Cotswolds mansion, has died
in America from a suspected drug overdose.

Lisa Pritchett-Johnson, 43, described by friends as
the embodiment of rock chic, who had a "fun-filled,
fast life", was Entwistle's companion for 13 years
until his death, aged 57, in June 2002.

The American, who friends said never recovered from
the British rock star's death, was found dead at a
relative's home in Memphis.

She was reported to have recently inherited "millions
of dollars" from Entwistle.

Insp Steven Johnson, of Memphis police, said last
night: "There is an indication her death was the
result of an overdose.

"We have not had this confirmed and we don't know
whether it was accidental or suicide. She apparently
had a cocaine habit.

"We are awaiting the toxicology results and the
medical examiner's report."

Miss Pritchett-Johnson was found dead on a bed in a
house of a family member on the evening of March 6. Mr
Johnson said 1.6 grams of cocaine had been discovered
in personal possessions near her body.

He also said another person had been arrested at the
house for a suspected narcotics offence which was
unrelated to Miss Pritchett-Johnson's death. 

In late 2003 she was given a two-year motoring ban for
driving Entwistle's Rolls Royce after consuming more
than twice the alcohol limit. She was also cautioned
for possessing cocaine.

John Entwistle died after taking cocaine 
Miss Pritchett-Johnson described Entwistle as her
"soulmate" and said they had planned to marry. She
slept with a casket containing his ashes.

Entwistle, who lived at Quarwood, a 42-acre estate at
Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos, died from heart failure after
taking cocaine with a stripper in his hotel room in
Las Vegas.

Miss Pritchett-Johnson moved into a cottage in the
grounds but moved out this year when the estate was
sold to a Dutch businessman for £2.75 million to meet
death duties.

Following Entwistle's death, she gave newspaper
interviews in a darkened room, surrounded by
photographs of him. In one of them, she told The Daily
Telegraph: "I miss him terribly. I am going through an
angry phase. I am mad at him for dying. We were going
to grow old together."

Asked about the stripper who was with Entwistle when
he died, she said: "I don't love him any less for
that. I am not angry with her. I would like to meet

Miss Pritchett-Johnson was regularly seen driving her
BMW convertible around the Cotswolds with her dogs.
The couple had 13 rottweilers.

She caused a stir when she became involved with the
Rev Colin Wilson, 40, the married vicar who officiated
at Entwistle's funeral. They were pictured in the News
of the World enjoying a "long, passionate kiss" in a
pub car park.

Miss Pritchett-Johnson admitted her affection for Mr
Wilson, describing him as a "rock'n'roll vicar".

But she said they were merely friends and the kiss was
"mutual consoling", as the vicar had lost his mother.
Mr Wilson resigned as vicar of St Paul's Church, in
Broadwell, and apologised to his parishioners for
having "gone off the rails".

He and his wife, Gill, are said to have been
reconciled and to be living in France. 

In his will, Entwistle divided his estate equally
between his mother, his son, and Miss

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