Vote for artists you think should be inducted into the R&R HoF

Garrett Jennings garrettjennings55 at
Wed Mar 16 09:21:01 CST 2005

Vote for artists you think should be inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but have been overlooked
The top 10 so far:
1. Moody Blues  
2. Pete Townshend (solo) 
3. Lynyrd Skynyrd  
4. The Cars  
5. Alice Cooper  
6. Carole King  
7. Van Halen 
8. Chicago 
9. Rush  
10. Cheap Trick 
Also, another website I started is called Supergroup
Battle of the Bands where the UK Supergroup:
Paul McCartney - bass
Pete Townshend - guitar
Eric Clapton - lead guitar
Phil Collins - drums
Elton John - piano
Steve Winwood - keys
take on the USA Supergroup:
Paul Simon - guitar
Bruce Springsteen - guitar
Eddie Van Halen - guitar
Dave Grohl - drums
Flea - bass
Stevie Wonder - keys
This is idea I have for a reality TV show where these
2 bands would try to make a CD in a short period of
time - whichever band sells the most CD's in a certain
period of time would win a million dollars each for
their favorite charity.  Obviously, it would be hard
to get all these artists - but I think the concept
would work with up-and-coming artists as well.  I
copyrighted this idea and you can check it out at:

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