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Just an update for those who care. The Telegraph had
this note about Barry Fantoni selling his house.
Fantoni was (is?) a close friend of Pete's and, for
those of you who collect Who video bootlegs, was the
host of "A Whole Scene Going" in January 1966 where
Pete was interviewed by the audience.

Once music strays beyond the classical, it often
escapes the music room. It can even take over the
entire house. Barry Fantoni, satirist, cartoonist,
composer, playwright and jazz musician, has found that
his instruments far outnumber the furniture in his
four-bedroom Victorian terrace house in Clapham. He
moved here in 1976 and quickly surrendered to the
musical urge, knocking down internal walls on the
ground floor to create an open-plan studio for his
duos, trios and quartets. Paul McCartney, Pete
Townsend and Ray Davies have all dropped by to join in
the jazz over the years.

Instruments have taken over on all floors. "I have
four saxophones, four clarinets, all Ronnie Scott 's
saxophones, Ronnie's horns, dozens of recorders,
guitars, banjos," he says. There is no soundproofing,
so he has to think carefully about his neighbours when
his friends gather to play. "The woman on the left
makes wedding dresses in her attic. On the right are
five City men who are off at dawn and back at
midnight, so that helps."

At nearly 65, Fantoni is still playing three nights a
week at the Chelsea Arts Club, the Duke of Cumberland
at Parsons Green and the Archduke, next to the Royal
Festival Hall, as well as working at Private Eye. But
he needs to downsize to a smaller studio space, so he
is selling through Douglas & Gordon (020 8675 4400 )
for £600,000. 

"Jazz musicians have notoriously short lives," he
says. "Too many of my friends are dead. This place has
too many memories. I'll take the piano and the double

-Brian in Atlanta
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