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Tue Mar 15 22:00:04 CST 2005

This just in from the John Entwistle Foundation:

Dear Friends,

By now some of you may have heard about our musical education program 
called CHECK-OUT MUSIC.  The idea of this program is to make musical 
instruments available to anyone, anywhere that has an interest in 
playing music.  How? By putting these instruments in public libraries.  
  Of course it’s not as simple as dropping off some guitars at your 
local library.  This is a very involved educational program that 
required a lot of research and development. 
CHECK-OUT MUSIC has been presented to various major corporations for 
funding consideration.  We have no doubt that in time this program will 
receive the funding it deserves.  However, in this case the corporate 
wheel grinds slowly and while we wait for funding many underprivileged 
children wait for the chance to discover music.

Right now we have an opportunity to run a test program within the 
public library system.  Funding one library would prove to everyone 
that the concept works.  It would certainly speed up our financing and 
it may also change the destiny of a handful of kids.

The John Entwistle Foundation is asking for your help. This e-mail will 
be read by countless people.  If everyone on our mailing list alone 
gave $20 it would add up to enough money to fund, publicize and 
maintain this program in a public library for a year.

I realize that for many people times are tough.  And, I only ask that 
you do what you can to help this worthy effort.  Many of you have 
donated before and I sincerely thank you for that.  Our mission is 
clearly to help those in need in the name of John Entwistle.

We did that on February 5th in Orlando at Universal where we raised 
$100,000.00 for the victims of the recent worldwide disasters.   All of 
the proceeds from that event went to the disaster victims.  None of 
that money went to the John Entwistle Foundation or I would gladly use 
it for this program.

Please give what you can. I urge everyone that reads this e-mail to 
make a contribution no matter how small. Together we can make a 
difference in the name of the greatest bass guitarist that ever lived!  

Visit the foundation page ( to view the power 
point presentation of CHECK-OUT MUSIC and please make an online 
donation today.  We need your help!
You may also send your donation to:
John Entwistle Foundation
Library Project
PO Box 07135
Fort Myers, FL 33919 

Please share this e-mail with others.

My Most Sincere Thanks,
Steve Luongo
Executive Director
John Entwistle Foundation

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