Sex Pistols

Greg Adams gradams at
Tue Mar 15 20:06:26 CST 2005

Chris wrote:

I don't believe what I'm reading. This is 2005, and a
person in his/her right mind rate Chicago as more
influential than the Sex Pistols! (With all respect to
early Chicago...) I reckon you're not British. I am
not either, but the importance of the Sex Pistols can
not be overstated.


Greg replies:

Just in case anyone doesn't already know this, I have no problem with
the Pistols being nominated at all. It's fine, they ARE a piece of RnR
I haven't even heard the album, nor really cared to, but I would have to be
silly, not
to know the impact they had.

My vent for Chicago's nomination, has been ongoing for years. It's not
really to do with
the others getting in, rather that they (Chicago) have not.
Oh, and yes, I am American, but like alot of the British music, hey you
couldn't ignore what
was going on when I was growing up.  Of course, getting older in age, I am
not as adventurous
(musically) as perhaps 10-20 years ago.

Greg A.

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