Sex Pistols and Future Whowork...

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Tue Mar 15 19:59:48 CST 2005

>Jdtr006 at Jdtr006 at
>Sex Pistols
>> go buy/rent a DVD
>> called "The Filth &The Fury"
>Guess I am going to have to rent this video. <snip>  To me rock is Who, 
>Aerosmith, etc. Age does
>make a difference...Sandy

You mentioned The Who and Aerosmith in the same sentance???  ;-)

It's not about age, it's about 'tude.  Attitude.
The Sex Pistols were the ultimate "fuck off!" band.
No holds bared.  Took Pete and The Who a step or 10 further.
It has always been my thinking that TSP were responsible for Pete coming to 
grips with his own adulthood (hey, I know what I mean!).
Pete passed the baton over to Johnny and Sid who ran it right up the 
establishments ass (to think, that just spontaneously came out like 

A wonderful and passionate defense.  You're spot on.
And, thanks for the tip on the DVD.
Learn something new every day.

Taking a left turn here.......
Was reading Pete's last diary entry about having to explain some things 
<yes, longing and hoping to stumble on a new one>...
Got quite excited about the possibility of seeing Lifehouse produced like 
Quad eventually was.
I think that could be the ultimate Who experience.
Hmmmmm, maybe Quad already was.....
DAMN!  That's a toughie.

Oh, and regarding Petra Haden.....I'm sorry there is disappointment out 
I think "Hokey" was the word that first came to mind when I learned what 
that was all about.
I'd still be interested in having a listen.......just for shits and giggles.

Now, wouldn't a Sell Out production like Quad be great??!!!
A double feature!  Sell Out opens for Lifehouse!
<shite, drooled on my keyboard.......where the damn tissues.......>

Kevin (just a waitin' for the next Who chapter to begin....or at least be 
confirmed) in VT 

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