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> By the way, can somebody explain the Sex Pistols
thing to me? They 
> >just sounded like a bunch of guys who were
controversial for the 
sake of 
> >being controversial and who couldn't really play
their instruments 
> >well.
> I'll have a try at it:  Not being able to play was
part of their 
> statement?

i'll suggest you to rent (if possible) the pistols
documentary "the 
filth and 
the fury". hopefully it'll answer all your questions. 

I'd like to chime in with a sugestion that you simply
listen to their one studio album "Never Mind the
Bollocks" Controversal yes. Unable to play? No. Sure,
Sid couldn't play, but Sid wasn't on the fucking album
now was he? Glen Matlock is the Sex Pistols bassist.
Their album is as competent as any other 1st album by
a Rock band that plays 4 chord pop tunes, and WAY
better in many cases.

Having said all that, while I am a HUGE Sex Pistols
fan, I dont think that they did anything The Who
didn't do in 1965. My Generation, as well as a myraid
of smashed guitars, beat the Sex Pistols to the punch
by over a decade....


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