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> I don't believe what I'm reading. This is 2005, and a
> person in his/her right mind rate Chicago as more
> influential than the Sex Pistols! (With all respect to
> early Chicago...) I reckon you're not British. I am
> not either, but the importance of the Sex Pistols can
> not be overstated.
> There was never a Sex Pistols "thing" (now I know
> you're American), and there was never a Malcolm
> McLaren "Rock &Roll Swindle" either. There was one
> band. ONE BAND and FIVE MILLION imitators (and
> counting).
> Sorry. I really don't mean to be harsh, but you
> obviously didn't wanna give them a chance in the first
> place. Those who do, however, should go buy/rent a DVD
> called "The Filth &The Fury", available in all good
> stores. It's a beautiful portrait of the Pistols,
> where the band is put into historical context, and
> their story is told through moving interviews (John
> Lydon cries at one point) and film from 1975-1978.
> The absence of the Pistols in the Rock &Roll Hall Of
> Fame (while copyists like The Clash are there in
> numerous amounts) is downright embarrassing.
> Not being able to play? Bill Price (engineer on "Never
> Mind The Bollocks"), who went from being studio
> engineer for Decca in the 60's to later work with Pete
> Townshend, Stone Roses, Robert Plant, Guns N' Roses
> and Roxy Music, just to name you some, had the
> following to say about Pistols guitarist Steve Jones:
> "Steve Jones is probably the tightest rhythm guitar
> player I've ever heard in my life."
> Some claim that Chicago is the second most important
> American act (after the Beach Boys) ever, while others
> marble at the fact that after each Sex Pistols gig at
> LEAST five bands were formed. Many of them now in the
> Rock &Roll Hall Of Fame.
> - Chris

thanks chris. that's more or less my point right there. and i'm from NY! : )

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