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>> It's all about politics on whether someone gets in or not.  If you have 
>> the
>> push from your label and music bigwigs you get in.
> hmm. well explain how the bee gees got in after years of being written off 
> as "has beens"?

Are you kidding, Robert Stigwood managed them, his RSO label/organization 
handled the likes of Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Clapton, Cream, 
Blind Faith to name a few.  RSO also was a major player in movie soundtracks
Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Empire Strikes Back, Evita, Jesus Christ 
Superstar, etc.  He produced Tommy the Movie.  That is about as music bigwig 
as it gets. :)

Ther BG's maybe "has beens" to many, however In a career spanning over forty 
years, the Bee Gees sold more than 175 million records worldwide, and have 
written dozens of hits for themselves and other acts. Over 1,000 artists 
have performed their songs, from Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Al Green or 
Barbra Streisand to Destiny's Child, Happy Mondays, Celine Dion or Wyclef 
The Bee Gees, the second most successful band in music history after the 
Beatles, have   had more than 200 no. 1 charts positions worldwide, 
themselves or with others acts singing their songs. They had no 1. hits in 
each decade from the 60s to the 90s, and  the Saturday Night Fever 
soundtrack, that topped the US album charts for 24 weeks, remains the 
world's biggest selling soundtrack ever.

They have won 7 Grammy Awards and 28 Ivor Novello Awards and have been 
inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and into the Rock & Roll Hall of 
Fame both in the United States and in Australia. They have also been 
honoured with Lifetime Achievement awards by the American Music Awards, the 
Brit Awards and the World Music Awards.

Pretty impressive if you ask me, they had the clout to get in. By contrast 
the band The Who never had a number 1 hit in their biggest market, the US. 
Plus, they were a creative unit for less than half their existence, about 17 
years.  I can hear BG fans now wondering why those has beens The Who were 
let in. :)


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