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> All of this is so true. They overlook Chicago and put the Sex Pistols in
> there. What ever happened to real rock and real legends...Sandy

what, the sex pistols aren't legends either? ok, maybe they don't wanna be,
but they are. i'd take the pistols over chicago any day. at least that's


And you are fine to feel that way...  I have tried to look at the choices
have real significance to R&R history.
Most times, the selections are ~ok~, but I just can't agree with some of
them being ~more~ significant, than some, like Chicago have been.

If name dropping would have made a difference, Jimi Hendrix, once told Walt
Parazaider (saxophone player for Chicago) that their horn section had one
big set of lungs, and the guitar player (the late Terry Kath) was better
than him.
Many of my musician friends have always had a liking for Terry's playing and
so have I.  Of course, Pete ranks right up there as well.

Greg A.

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