Rock Hall of Fame Induction

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I think Ozzy said he's so sick of Black Sabbath being passed over that even if they get in he won't accept. Plant claims that more of today's musicians were influenced by Sabbath than Zeppelin (although in my unsolicited opinion that could be why today's hard rock is a bit sub-par). I also think the absence of Rush and Van Halen is criminal, not to mention Pete Townshend!

By the way, can somebody explain the Sex Pistols thing to me? They always just sounded like a bunch of guys who were controversial for the sake of being controversial and who couldn't really play their instruments very well.

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big joke? eh, not really. the UK music hall of fame, yeah, thats a big joke.  
  however, I do see your point. what's up with inducting isaac hayes and not 
barry white or teddy pendergrass? the only percy sledge song i'm aware of is 
"when a man Loves a woman". i'm still waiting for them to induct paul revere 
and the raiders (first rock act to be signed to columbia, most televised music 
group ever, series of big hits, did leave a lasting impression), the sex 
pistols, black sabbath, and even the dave clark five (so big in the 60's that they 
were neck and neck with the beatles in popularity, and next to the fab four and 
the rolling stones, they charted more times in america than any other british 
act. springsteen, Joe perry from aerosmith and tom petty have credited them 
as influences). 
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