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Roger Daltry's 'Rocks' Gets Euro Release 

(antiMUSIC) (Press release) Castle Music is delighted
to announce the May 23rd, 2005 album release of Roger
Daltrey "Rocks In The Head". Daltrey's seventh solo
album, was first released in North America on Atlantic
Records in 1992, and is considered to be a collectors
item in Europe because it was never released
domestically in Europe until now. This re-mastered
edition of this album from The Who's hard-rockin'
frontman follows Daltrey' s recent anthology,
Moonlighting released in January 2005. 
Crucial to the creation of "Rocks In The Head", was
Daltrey's meeting with guitarist and songwriter Gerard

As well as being credited on the album with musical
direction and production, McMahon, also features as a
primary backup musician and writer or co-writer of ten
of the eleven tracks. Daltrey himself is co-credited
on seven tracks, a new benchmark compared to his
previous solo ventures. 

"Rocks In The Head" clearly updated Roger Daltrey as a
solo performer for the 90s with the construction of
hard-edged tracks based on harsh electric or acoustic
guitar textures suggesting everyone from The Who to
the Police. The result is an album of richly executed
material that showcases Daltrey's reputation as one,
if not the, premier hard rock vocalist. 

Track list 
01. Who's Gonna Walk On Water 
02. Before My Time Is Up 
03. Times Changed 
04. You Can't Call it Love 
05. Mirror Mirror 
06. Perfect World 
07. Love Is 
08. Blues Man's Road 
09. Everything A Heart Could Ever Want (Willow) 
10. Days Of Light 
11. Unforgettable Opera 

-Brian in Atlanta
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