Lukewarm about Petra

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Mon Mar 14 18:10:31 CST 2005

Scott wrote:

>I gotta admit, my reaction to the Petra CD is much more lukewarm than
>the glowing reviews she's been receiving from the press & other Who

This is gonna bum me out.   Bring it on.

>There's a certain hoakiness, a goofiness, about the CD.  I guess one can
>say this goofiness mirrors the goofiness of the band's original concept, but,
>musically, I just don't hear the transcendent beauty that Pete seems to
>find in it.

I was hoping he was genuinely surprised instead of just overly flattered,
and therefore overly kind in his comments about it.    Maybe he hears
something we don't.   In this case, I don't think we can gauge how
much pleasure this will give the average fans, or even us Who freaks
based on how this seems to move Pete.

>Yes, the songs have a stripped down, bare essence feel to them - remin-
>iscent of Pete's demos - but to hear her imitate instrument sounds with
>"doo-doo-doo, "dum-dum-dum," "rrrrrrllllllll," "nnnnnnrrrrrrr" noises & the
>like.....didn't exactly make me feel like I was hearing the album in a new
>way - at times, it made me cringe.

I heard the samples of each song on Amazon, and most seemed okay in
the snips that I listened to.

>I really wanted to like this CD.  I enjoy hearing Pete's songs sung by fe-
>males.  But this CD just didn't do it for me.

I really wanted to like it too.   I'm still going to get it because I really
liked her version of "Our Love Was" on the clip I heard.

>Grade:  C

Ouch!   I guess, "the world is run by C average students." - Harry S. Truman

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