Lukewarm about Petra

Drew Matich dmatich at
Mon Mar 14 17:53:38 CST 2005

Scott, re:

> And her voice doesn't engage me much, either.  Some songs are sung in
> a seemingly bored monotone - reflecting the homework assignment that
> this project was for her, while others, at least, have a little bit of life &
> emotion in them ("Sunrise" for example).  It's rather uneven.

On your scale, I give it a B+ as I really liked it.  But I found that I
responded more to her interpretations of the "arty" material at the end of
the album ("Sunrise" and "Rael").   They helped me gain a new respect for
the Who versions, which I never really warmed up to as much as the more
"pop" tunes earlier in the album.   And Petra's versions of those (with the
exceptions of "Tattoo" and "I Can't Reach You") were not as effective in my


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