Petra Haden article in Entertainment Weekly

Jason Hare jasonhare1 at
Mon Mar 14 10:57:37 CST 2005

This week's Entertainment Weekly (#811, 3/18/05) has a supplemental
section entitled "Listen 2 This" which features an article on Petra
Haden, entitled "Pete and Petra."

It's accompanied with an unbelievable two page picture.  The left page
is the shot of Pete from the 60s on his bed, with various
Rickenbackers hung up on the wall (one smashed).  The right side is
the exact same shot, same type of bedspread, same clothes, except it's
Petra - and instead of Rickenbackers, violins are on the wall (one
smashed).  This is one unbelievable composition.

I haven't found the photo online, but it's worth picking up the
magazine for.  There is also a one page article on Petra, and Pete's
reaction to her music.  I haven't fully read it, but I noted the last

"Now Haden has plans to expand the franchise, recording 'Petra Goes To
The Movies,' on which she'll reinterpret (read: mimic) film scores and
themes.  But Townshend has another idea:  'I'd love to hear her do a
version of the Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society.'  Haden's
not familiar with that particular masterpiece, either, which doesn't
mean it won't happen.  'I'll do anything he says,' she promises.  'If
he's serious, I will do that.'"

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