If rockers acted like rappers

JOELTLE515 at aol.com JOELTLE515 at aol.com
Sun Mar 13 12:57:02 CST 2005

1. if this was a real conevsration, I have such sympathy for the "old" 
generation that they're imagining musicians from their youth duking it out and 
getting off on it. if they "marched for peace", why aren't they doing that now? 
cause they have JOBS perhaps? nice to see donovan and the dave clark five get a 
mention. it's a shame this is like the only time they DO get one. 

2. there was a rumor that roy orbison's death was a result of a "mob hit" by 
george harrison. although I don't believe it myself.  also, let's not forget 
that James brown has fired a few guns, definitely ted nugent and definitely 
Jerry Lee and elvis as well. although not at each other but at animals, wives, TV 
sets, and chauffeurs (latter by accident). that's the difference right there, 
rockers and "r&b" people shoot at objects, personnel and animals while 
rappers shoot at other rappers. get it now? 

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