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Wheels Soundtrack

"The Wheels on the Bus" soundtrack will be available on CD March 1st, 2005! 
The CD contains all the hit music in the movie and runs 24 minutes long.  
Laura Hall did a wonderful job of remixing all the tracks. It sounds 
marvelous! The CD will be available on Amazon, on this web site, and at 
other outlets as they are signed up. The CD will retail for $8.99.

Upcoming Productions

Laura Hall and Tim Armstrong are still hard at work on the second episode of 
"The Wheels on the Bus Video." This video is called "Mango Helps the Moon 
Mouse" and features a Moon Mouse who crash lands on the earth as he searches 
the universe for cheese to take back to the moon. Of course, Mango and all 
his friends help the Moon Mouse. They become his friend and end up taking 
him back to the moon on a bus filled with cheese!

Roger Daltrey has once again agreed to voice the role of Argon the Dragon, 
and the incomparable Janie Laurel Escalle will again sing like a songbird in 
the role of Coco.

Look for this production to begin shooting in October to May, 2005.

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