Pete on page 109 of Fender Frontline 2005 catalog

Greg Adams gradams at
Fri Mar 11 14:19:56 CST 2005

on using Fender Vibro-King custom amps...

"They do exactly what I need...[like] the massive rigs of the '60s I used to
Remember that the first Marshal amps were very close emulations themselves
of the Fender amps I first used -- and which I asked Jim Marshall to make
'ten times as loud!'.  Today, this rig fills every hall I come across.  If I
play a stadium, I simply add another rig, but rarely need to turn it above
'2'.  I've never EVER come close to using my basid setup over half volume.
Forget 'eleven', these babes go up to fifty-seven.  And they are Fender. The
real thing.  There are very few products Fender has made -- even in bad
times -- which were ugly.  This amplifier is so pretty I have one in my
living room next to the expensive furniture.  It reminds me why I wanted to
play guitar in the first place.  I thought I looked prettier with a guitar.
I do.  But with a Fender Strat and a Vibro-King I'm as cool, as irresistible
as James Dean."  Pete Townshend

There is a pic of Pete live, one of the amp cabinets (with the WHO logo) and
a pic of the front side of his rig.

Greg A.

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