Funny Who reference

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Fri Mar 11 06:39:29 CST 2005

>From the middle of an article in Velo News, the
Journal of Competitive Cycling at:

After Saturday's sloppy mucky sport-class
cross-country event, racers descended on the Tapatio
Springs Golf Club's lobby looking like mud creatures
from Black Lagoon. While the lobby had been one of the
last clean sanctuaries at the venue, after the rain
began it, too, turned into a hotel property that would
have made Keith Moon proud. (If you've taken the time
to do the math on Mr. Drier's above quiz, you'll
realize that this young man could only have come up
with the Keith Moon analogy by having read about "The
Who" and their dubious record as it relates to public
accommodations in his 11th grade history textbook -

-Brian in Atlanta
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