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Wed Mar 9 22:16:56 CST 2005

Apparently the cause of death wasn't immediately identified.  Here's the 
only info I found on it, from SohoDoorway:

>Rock Star's Girlfriend Dies
Posted: 3/8/2005 3:37:29 PM

Lisa Pritchett-Johnson was found dead in a Bartlett home Sunday night. She 
was the common-law wife of John Entwistle, the longtime bass player for the 
band "The Who" who died in 2002.

Our sources tell us Pritchett-Johnson inherited millions of dollars from his 
estate last month. Pritchett-Johnson also dated musician Joe Walsh from "The 

She was raised here Memphis. Her mother and stepfather were on the Memphis 
Police force. Bartlett police arrested a man at the home where 
Pritchett-Johnson's body was found, but officers tell us he was arrested for 
something unrelated to her death.

An autopsy will determine how Pritchett-Johnson died. A family member tells 
us she had recently been ill.

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