John's Partner Lisa Passes Away

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Mar 9 16:29:57 CST 2005

>From Who's Next website, by way of TheShout:

>Lisa Pritchett-Johnson passed away on Monday night. Lisa, 47, was the total 
>embodiment of Rock Chick chique! She was a larger than life character with 
>a great lust for life.

She had worked in the music industry for several years before meeting John. 
The couple would open their doors of their beautiful home in 
Stow-on-the-Wold to their many friends. Their hospitality and generosity 
knew no bounds.

I hope that Lisa is at rest now. There are times when you can't find the 
words to say how you feel, specifically about someones's passing. So I'll 
leave that to John with the words from his song "What Are We Doing Here?"

What are we doing here
Such a long way from home
We've been away so long
Away so long, away from home.

So what are we doing here
In a place where we have no friends
All we can do is sit and cry
Let the time drag by and think of home.

Home... what a day that will be
The faces of the people we love, that we'll see
The memories of what we had left will return
The present remains, the past is just born

And there's only twenty five days
Six hours and ten minutes
'till this'll all be five thousand miles away

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