Do You, Honestly Think?

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Tue Mar 8 13:26:12 CST 2005


With all this speculation of Pete and Roger bickering and the new
album / tour in jeopardy the following thought crossed my mind:

Does anyone here think that Pete is miffed that Roger is accepting
his recent accolades without:

a) giving *props* to Pete publicly for helping him become so successful?
b) declining to receive said award until his more deserving mate Pete gets
         the offer?
c) making a symbolic gesture to offer what he has received to Pete?

I'm not saying that Roger does not deserve what he has received.  After
all, it's the singer, not the song....   But, events have played out directly
opposite to how I could have envisioned them 20 years ago.

I also have not read any quotes from Roger where he puts across a
humbling statement or credits The Who for his success.   They could
exist, but I have not seen them.

It makes me wonder...

Let me have it Lew!

Joe in Philly 

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