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Who had a smashing time?

THE package tour of Australia by The Who, The Small
Faces, Paul Jones and The Questions, would be
remembered as one of the most controversial, a
farcical comedy of culture shock, punch-ups, staging
disasters and being chucked off an interstate flight
for a minor misdemeanour.

For headlines and no-good-Brit-rock-star editorials,
it left Oasis for dead. 

The tour kicked off in Brisbane with two shows at
Festival Hall, where The Who decided it was time to
reintroduce the gear-smashing show finale that they
had been phasing out elsewhere. 

The Courier-Mail reported the band's press call the
previous day: "During one of the airport's craziest
press conferences the two groups clowned and
improvised songs and drank Queensland beer." 

The review of the concert set the scene: "Smoke bombs,
wrecked drums and shattered guitars provided a climax
to last night's Festival Hall show as the English pop
group The Who turned it on for Brisbane's younger set.

"Crackers were ignited, drums were pelted across the
stage and guitar strings snapped. 

"The lead guitarist unsuccessfully attempted to smash
his instrument on the floor. Inspiration for their
wild scene came from their final song, My Generation.
But the crowd of 4000 sat mildly placid throughout." 

Group wild man Keith Moon wasn't about to be placid
for anyone, however. 

After a night of partying, legend has it, he arrived
back at the tour party's hotel, the Parkroyal, drove
his rental car through the front doors and parked in
front of the reception desk. 

Were you at Festival Hall to see The Who? We would
love to hear your memories. E-mail them to
survey at qnp.newsltd.com.au

-Brian in Atlanta
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