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L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Mar 7 21:18:22 CST 2005

>From WhoAreYou, a nice opportunity to request your favorite song:

>Anyway, figured I'd see is there's still anyone around and throw out
a shameless plug for The Night Owl.

Like the subject says, it's contest time once again here at The Night
Owl. Instead of asking you to answer a bunch of questions, we're
asking for your input. What we'd like you to do is send in your
requests for songs or artists you'd like to hear on Night Owl Radio.
We're planning on making the next show an 'all request' edition. The
last time we did this, it was wildly successful, so we figured, why
not try it again?

Anything goes - rock, jazz, blues, country, classical, you name it -
it's all fair game. We want to make things as diverse as possible.
Last time, we included Naked Eye & Relay on the show. We'd love to
include some more Who (and/or solo) tunes this time too. Plus, in
case you haven't already checked it out, be sure to listen to our
tribute show for JAE...

What do you get in return for your requests? You get to hear your
requested artist or song included in the next show, plus one lucky
person will receive a copy of the upcoming show on CD after it's
produced. All for just sending us your requests.

As always, you can enter the contest via the main page, or just click
here and you'll be whisked away to the entry form.

You've got nothing to lose and free CDs to gain - so send in those
requests!! If you know of anyone else who might be interested in the
contest, feel free to forward this email to them...

Thanks and good luck!!


Steve Marshall
Editor - The Night Owl
editor at t...

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