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Mon Mar 7 20:50:36 CST 2005

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> I'm one of those infuriating lurkers who never post.....seems I don't have
> time to even blow my nose, let alone, chat on the net.

Thanks for sharing the news, but I hope you don't think we're going to let 
you drop a nugget like that on us without grilling you a little bit about 
it!  Wipe your nose on your sleeve and tell us more.

> Anyway, the news I want to relate to you concerns the new album.  I asked
> how it was coming along, and  Roger dodgily said, "okay".  Iasked him how
> he felt about it, and he said,"I'll feel a whole lot better about it when
> it's finished".  This conversation took place on February 20th.

By dodgily, do you mean he was being evasive, like it was uncomfortable for 
him to be answering the question?  Seems like you got the impression it 
wasn't coming along as quickly as Roger would like, is that fair?

> My gut tells me that IF there is a tour this year, it'll be late fall, and
> very abbreviated.

Did Roger talk about any other work he's doing.  We know about the TCT 
shows.  Did he mention anything else?  Did he sing any songs you hadn't 
heard before?  We know he's been writing some and played songs for poeple on 
the set of his History Channel show.  I suppose you'd have mentioned it if 
anything like that happened.

Jim M

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